The "Duolingo" for learning the IT language.
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Hire the right technical talents by simply speaking their language

The Techlingo app is your guide to recruit smarter, communicate smoother and build trust with your candidates, hiring managers and clients.

Who is it for?

This app is for recruiters, business developers and PO/PM that are active in the IT field. It is designed to benefit those of all experience levels.

Tech Recruiters

Speak fluently with candidates and increase the number of hires

Business Developers

Collaborate with your clients by speaking their language and close more deals


Become confident in an IT environment and improve your performances

Techlingo for Teams/Business

We aim for making your job easier and smoother by simply improving your communication with the IT people.  

Download the beta version and start learning!

Learn by Playing

We make your learning journey more fun through games and challenges.

Weekly Challenges

Each week there will be a new challenge. Why not making it exciting to challenge your teammates weekly!


Amazing Courses

To take your tech knowledge to a higher level, you can benefit from more in depth courses provided by our experts.


We have trained more than 1000 people over the years. Below is our wall of love.

The training was very clear! Loved the enthusiasm of Davy and that he also used notes besides the presentation to explain everything. The little quizzes were also fun, thank you for explaining things in such an easy way.

Charlotte Mabesoone

Tech recruiter

It was very interactive, I was wondering how he would bring the topic, but he did it very well, the examples with the "normal life" made it much easier to understand. It is a lot of information to deal with right now, but I am sure that this will help me a lot in doing my job. Thanks a lot for that!

Nele Iven

Tech recruiter

It was interactive with enough little breaks in between. Davy looks very passionate about IT and his work, which is very nice to see and made the training fun!

Trang Tuyet Huynh

Tech recruiter

Working in the Sales team of Cronos, having to recruit many IT profiles, the training "Mastering Technical Knowledge" enabled my team and I to fully understand the main building blocks of IT technologies and methodologies. I rarely participated to a training with this level of interaction and impact. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand IT concepts & tools in a fun way!

Valentina Staveris

Account Manager

I have been working in the IT field since almost 7 years and it's the first time that I really understand what we are selling :-). The strongest point of the training is to set up some comparison between the IT world and our business.

Sophie Decort

Account & Resources Manager

I'm Account Manager and Talent acquisition specialist at Cronos Europa. This training really helped us to understand better what our clients need on the technical side and how to analyze a CV also on the technical point of view. Davy is a really good trainer with a great pedagogy for the non-IT people :-) Thank you !

Naomi Dewulf

Talent Acquisition

Download Techlingo and start learning

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Download the beta version and start learning!